Our Services

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SMT up to .01 -. 005 to BGA’s


We ensure the SMT assembly process for Class 2 and Class 3 products, with IPC standards, supported by our quality system and our traceability system.



Our production team is specialized in PTH assemblies of high populated boards. We ensure product quality, thanks to our inspection and testing system, which guarantees 100% functionality.

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Single and Double side

That we have adequate technology to work single and double side boards, offering the best quality to the customer.

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Inspecction and Test 

We have in house development capacity of our own test equipment (only the electronic part), giving certainty of immediate attention and easy access for service solutions.

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Product Design

We have prepared and trained our team in making designs under the IPC610 Standard and in accordance with the DFM, DFT and DFA.

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Post Market Boards

We have 35 years also working on these boards, which has made our lines to have standards that satisfy the mix to work with various products.

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Plastic Assemblies/PCBA´s

We offer assemblies of plastic parts to electronic boards and we also complement assemblies to displays or any type of interface.

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Component Manufacturing

We have expanded our capabilities to solve your needs with the manufacture of transformers and harnesses.

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Components Sales

We started our company with the component sales service, get in touch with us to get what you need.


"We Integrate With Your Product,
we understand your needs."