The ability of bringing the best to our costumers


Engineering & Design

We are your fastest and most competent partner for your products development. We have a wide Engineering Area and Extensive Technology, both focused on your product needs.


Rapid  Prototyping

Our Engineering Department handles not only the PCB design but also the best service in quick prototyping and PCB assembly with the most efficient designing techniques for manufacturability.


Production and Post Market

Due to our great flexibility, our tools experience and our high performance, we can provide both high volume mixing (our manufacturing service includes), as well as high and low volume mixing, including post market care.


Full and Partial Turn-Key PCB Assembly

We can offer the total management of your project (from design, mass production, to post market) or if you only need your design maquila.


Single and Double Side


Competitive Price

Continuous improvement allows us to achieve efficiencies in our processes in order to maintain a competitive cost in the market.


With more than 30 years of experience, we have created alliances with our suppliers, achieving a competitive place in the market.


1 -4 Layers

We offer the ability to assemble 1 to 4 layer SMT & PTH PCB.

With our more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, our equipment and processes allow us to offer the best quality and results in the assembly process from one to four layers.